Afrobeats Star Phyno Asks For Finger Foods, Brandy And Positivity Before Taking The Stage


Before hitting the stage, Nigerian rapper, songwriter and producer Phyno likes to create the perfect setting for positive pre-show energy. He takes the mantra of “eat, drink and be merry” literally: in order to set the mood for a good time, he needs snacks – finger foods, in particular – and his libation of choice.

Phyno breaks down his behind-the-scenes staples in the latest episode of Herbal Tea & White Sofas. The singer says his current roster includes “bites to snack on.” And to drink? “It must probably be, like, cognac.”

After the show, Phyno makes sure he has headphones to give him ample opportunity to decompress and tune out.

But even more important than his behind-the-scenes must-haves are his behind-the-scenes not-a, he underlines. “What’s forbidden to me behind the scenes is negativity. I like to be happy,” says Phyno. “I think that trickles down to the crowd. The vibe determines how you are before you go on stage.”

Creating a positive environment is not just for its own benefit. It’s actually a key ingredient in ensuring he puts on a show that leaves fans feeling a little lighter than they did when they walked in. “I love getting the message out and keeping it positive with the fans,” he adds.

Watch the full episode above to find out what other elements help Phyno create the perfect backstage vibe – and what he loves most about performing in front of a crowd.

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