According to these studies, peppermint tea can help digestion and boost energy


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There’s something for every tea lover, from classic Earl Gray tea with its robust bergamot flavor to earthy and lush matcha. Additionally, there are also herbal infusions for those who prefer to avoid caffeine. Herbal tea, although it does not contain stimulants, can provide a number of health benefits, such as relaxation and pain reduction.

In terms of herbal tea blends, many tea lovers are familiar with chamomile and valerian root. Despite their appeal for late-night relaxation, they wouldn’t be the best candidates for coffee drinkers looking for a decaffeinated alternative.

Peppermint tea is one of the few naturally energizing herbal teas that can boost energy and fight fatigue throughout the day. In fact, it can also improve digestion, which can help you stay in the zone.

What are the health benefits of peppermint tea?

Like other herbal teas like turmeric and ginger that can relieve osteoarthritis pain, peppermint tea also works as a soothing treatment. Instead of relieving joint pain, mint tea relaxes the gastrointestinal system and relieves pain and spasms. For this reason, peppermint tea makes an ideal alternative for irritable bowel sufferers who are looking for a gentler alternative to prescription medications.

In a review of nine studies involving 726 people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), those treated with peppermint oil had milder symptoms and had fewer transient symptoms than those treated with a placebo.

The effects of peppermint oil capsules on patients with IBS were also examined in another study. According to the results, people who received peppermint oil for four weeks reduced their IBS symptoms by 40%, while those who received a placebo only improved by 24.3%.

In addition to easing digestive upset, peppermint can also significantly boost energy levels. According to one study, 24 adults who consumed peppermint oil capsules experienced less fatigue during a cognitive assessment. Another study echoed these findings by investigating the ability of peppermint aromatherapy to reduce fatigue.

Generally, peppermint is known to ease digestive issues and boost energy levels, but it also has a number of other health benefits. Besides its ability to relax muscles and relieve spasms in the digestive system, peppermint is also said to relieve tension headaches. Additionally, the soothing vapors of mint tea can help people with sinus congestion.

Check out our top peppermint tea picks if you’d like to sip and savor the soothing benefits of this aromatic herb.

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