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Lack of physical exercise, increase in office jobs, reduction in food quality and stress of modern lifestyle have given an exponential increase to a modern health problem – obesity. The number of fast food outlets has reached an all-time high in recent years, further compounding the problem.

In this horrible scenario, a healthy meal service, which promotes healthy, delicious and affordable food service, is sure to catch the eye.

The Healthy Meal Service – Lite n Macros has already created a buzz with its unique range of healthy meals and diet tips. The Financial Express spoke to the mastermind behind this initiative – Afra Rahman Online, who currently operates his business from Australia.

Creation of Lite n macros:

“It all started in 2020 when I started my own fitness program while living in Australia. Surprisingly, I found little help from registered dietitians to prepare a perfect diet plan just for me , no generic plans. I had to join a sports nutrition program and learn all about nutrition and diet. Then it occurred to me – if the scenario is so difficult in a country advanced like Australia, things must be a lot tougher in my home country,” Afra told the Financial Express of his debut.

She then started working on the idea of ​​creating a healthy meal service in Bangladesh that could provide consumers with the perfect diet plan to incorporate into their fitness goals.

Traditional cooking affects nutrition:

The traditional Bengali cooking method uses too many spices, salt, sugar, oil, etc. This reduces the nutritional value of meals.

“First, boiling or frying too long reduces the nutritional value of ingredients. Second, it also spoils the taste,” she said, “let me give you an example. Take cauliflower. If we cook it using our traditional methods, it hardly tastes like fresh, authentic cauliflower. Over-boiling it ruins its original taste.

So what does it do to keep the taste and nutrients intact?

“I always instruct my staff to use the cooking method that preserves taste and food value. We always cook our meals over low heat and use little or no oil. We also try to use less salt or sugar, while using natural flavor enhancers.

Popularity of Quick Restore and Lite n Macros

Fast foods are easily available everywhere, taste exotic and are also affordable. “So they’re the perfect food for our fast-paced, ever-changing lifestyles, because really, we’re all in a rush,” Afra explains the reasons behind fast food’s popularity.

Lite n Macros is not an ordinary restaurant, it is also a dietary advice service. First, there is a free thirty-minute counseling time, where a client talks about their lifestyle, eating habits, preferences, etc.

The client’s exercise routine (if applicable), health condition, tendency to have salt or sugar, allergy status – these are also taken into consideration. Then a complete diet plan is made for a week or a month. Then the dishes are delivered to his home on time.

“I talk to my chefs about the client first,” Afra explains in detail, “I personally supervise each client, so there is a touch of individuality all the time. The chefs prepare the meals using the healthiest means and the tastiest available.

Lite n Macros uses various herbs to enhance flavor. Everything from sauces to pasta and mixes is homemade, fresh and authentic.

“We never cook in bulk, so there’s no chance of having leftovers. Our dishes are specially designed to suit our Bengali palate, and I spend a lot of time researching to ensure the tastiest dining experience for our consumers.

Customer response:

“Customers are really happy to find such wholesome meal service and guidance,” a delighted Afra said, finding praise and response from customers.

“Our main clientele are celebrities, young stars, middle-aged women and gym goers. We have a few regulars, who have benefited from our service. Some of our clients are new mothers who have gained weight after childbirth And an important aspect is the demographics of our clients.

“Many of our clients are young people who are very conscious about their fitness and diet. So the idea we have that people only become aware of their health after 40 is not so correct these days,” Afra added.

Ramadan tips:

This year, the holy month of Ramadan has fallen into the summer season, and the scorching heat will be harsh on fasting Muslims. So Afra gave some advice to readers.

“Stay hydrated. Drink enough water, juice and soup at Sehri and Iftar. We need protein to keep functioning during fasting hours; so make sure you get enough protein in your diet .

“Try to eat fewer carbs and more fiber. You can take electrolytes with your sorbet or eat fruit salads. Our common iftar products like Chola are an ideal source of nutrients if cooked in a healthy way,” she added.

Sayara Afra

Sayara Afra has worked tirelessly to provide people with healthy and tasty meals with a noble cause of controlling obesity and other dietary health issues.

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