5 best personal trainers in Nashville, TN


Below is a list of the best personal trainers in Nashville. To help you find the best personal trainers located near you in Nashville, we’ve put together our own list based on this list of rating points.

The best personal trainers in Nashville:

Top Rated Personal Trainers in Nashville, TN are:

  • MUVFit personal training – locally owned and is an exclusive personal training studio
  • THE WHOLE | Personal training studio – inspires and guides each of their clients through complete body improvement
  • Next level fitness – has trainers who help clients achieve their weight and fitness goals
  • Nashville Personal Training Society – provides stimulating and fun personal training
  • State of the art personal training – includes Nashville’s best personal trainer

MUVFit personal training

reliable personal trainers in Nashville, TN

MUVFit personal training is locally owned and is an exclusive personal training studio. They have the best personal trainers with a track record for producing amazing results. In addition, they have a strong desire to change their client’s life. Their training studio provides a welcoming, non-judgmental space where their clients take care to improve. In addition, they offer personal training and group fitness.

The studio offers a wide array of weight loss plans to choose from, as well as lifetime and monthly plans. In addition, their services include personal training, virtual training and group training. They also have a reliable planning service and celebrity training.


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Address: 6953 Charlotte Pike UNIT 301, Nashville, TN 37209
Telephone: (615) 530-8999
Website: muvfit.com


“Joining MUVFit was one of the best decisions I have made in reaching my fitness goals. The trainers are excellent in every way and the tailor-made programs they create are 100% effective! MUVFit is an energizing and fun fitness community !! I can’t say enough wonderful things about Kayla, Brandon, Danny, Laurie and Daniel! I am grateful to be part of the MUVFit family! – Nickie Bougé

THE WHOLE | Personal training studio

Inspirational Personal Trainers in Nashville, TN

THE WHOLE | Personal training studio inspires and guides each of her clients through complete body improvement. Their team of specialists help their clients to become the best version of themselves. Plus, they believe that the experience always begins and ends in the hands of their customer. In addition, the studio has been designed to provide a high personal training experience. The studio, with its elite personal trainers, creates the perfect combination.

Their personal trainers are well equipped with a gym and modern fitness equipment that offers various fitness programs. Plus, they offer private and personal training, nutrition advice, and diet plans. They also have 3 different personal payment plans.


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Address: 3990 Hillsboro Pike # 250, Nashville, TN 37215
Telephone: (615) 454-3944
Website: thesetstudio.com


“I absolutely loved my stay at The Set! A friend and I signed up for partner sessions 3x / week. We always work (really) hard, but because of the traveling trainer model, we’ve never done the same workout twice! Trainers are not only familiar with fitness but nutrition as well and can adapt to all kinds of ailments, pains, or preferences. I signed up to get back in shape after surgery and will be staying for a long time, we love it so much! – Jessi Rae Waltz

Next-level fitness

Regular Personal Trainers in Nashville, TN

Next-level fitness has trainers who help clients achieve their weight and fitness goals. Their personal trainers work hard to provide personalized and supportive advice to help their clients. In addition, they constantly push and motivate their clients to live life to the fullest. The studio only works with the best and the best personal trainers available locally. Plus, they believe that a healthy, well-balanced diet goes a long way.

Their trainers offer an exciting set of training and service plans. This includes diet plans, weight loss plans, and video training. Plus, they provide flexible workout schedules and fitness advice.


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Address: 1917 Church Street, Nashville, TN 37203
Telephone: (615) 329-2747
Website: nextlevelfitness.com


“We had such an amazing experience with Dani at Next Level. I don’t have a lot of weight training experience and Dani made me feel completely comfortable on the weight rack. Besides being a GREAT encouragement, she was also so easy to talk to which made spending my time spent with her.
My friend who also joined us has a bit more experience with heavier weights and Dani made us both a perfect welcome! Dani is such an inspiring and supportive woman, I will be back! 🙂 ”- Pender Lanam

Nashville Personal Training Society

stimulating personal trainers in Nashville, TN

Nashville Personal Training Society offers challenging and fun personal training sessions. In addition, they are managed locally and belong to a team of personal trainers. Their strong passion for fitness drove them to open their own fitness studio to help others. In addition, they have a complete and friendly atmosphere perfect for training. Before starting anything, they run reliable and in-depth consultations.

The workout studio is reliable and efficient with a diverse and comprehensive list of fitness options. In addition, this includes one-on-one training, online training, and group fitness services. In addition, they also provide 6 week nutrition and meal plans.


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Address: 3000 S St, Sacramento, CA 95816
Telephone: (916) 333-5353
Website: nashvillepersonaltrainingcompany.com


“Before moving I had personal training with Jess for just under a year and can’t say enough positive things about her! She is really excellent at what she does – she is attentive, supportive, can adapt any exercise to suit your needs / limitations, it was always a pleasure to be with her and the list goes on and on and even. She not only helped me get back into shape, but also gave me the confidence and knowledge to feel comfortable working again, especially in a group. 10 out of 10 would recommend Jess / Nashville Personal Training! – Erin De May

State-of-the-art personal training

Exclusive Personal Trainers in Nashville, TN

State-of-the-art personal training features Nashville’s best personal trainers. Their training department makes sure to get results with personal training with well known trainers. In addition, they have more than 2 decades of experience in the industry. Their coaches are experienced and have nutrition related certifications. In addition, they establish a deep bond with their clients throughout their training.

The studio offers a variety of fitness options. In addition, this includes seminars, one-on-one personal training and telephone coaching. In addition, they offer group exercise programs.


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Address: 1801 rue Hayes, Nashville, TN 37203
Telephone: (203) 733-9385
Website: jimcipriani.com


“Attentive. Knowledgeable. Focused on your success. Badass. I have been working with Jim for six months and feel the results every day. I know that in order to achieve my goals it is up to me to be disciplined and take the lead. the right decisions. And I can’t imagine a better training partner than Jim to work with on this trip. Jim is the best. He takes intentional effort and planning to personalize your needs and wants to help you achieve your goals . Jim has a method and a reason behind everything he does and is focused on correct execution and progress. – Jeff Olivier

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