10 Ways Dennis Reynolds Worsens The Always Sunny Gang


The gang in Philadelphia is always sunny are notoriously bad people. Either they are scheming for money, scheming to improve their love life, or they are just causing chaos with no real gain. Even though they’re all accomplices, Dennis Reynolds is often the most despicable member.

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Dennis Reynolds is selfish, conceited, mean, and self-obsessed. As a result, he often acts as a bad influence on the gang and makes them worse. From his uncontrollable rage to his serial killer skills, Dennis doesn’t help his friends become better people.

ten Dennis always puts himself first

Dennis thinks he’s a lot better than the others, but he’s more confident than he should be. Dennis’ ability to put himself ahead of the rest of the group ultimately drags everyone down.

An example of this can be found in the episode “The Gang Gets Stranded in the Woods” where Dennis convinces Charlie to say yes to any situation presented. This meant the rest of the gang had to fend for themselves in the woods. Although Charlie benefited from this adventure, the advice would not have been given if Dennis had not been there to make sure everything went as he wanted.

9 He lowers the average of the gang

The gang has been a negative influence in Philadelphia since 2005, but Dennis really takes the cake for a few things, including escaping the law. Every member of the gang has done illegal things, but Dennis seems to be a bit closer than the others.

Dennis Reynolds is canonically declared to be a person of interest for several crimes, which makes everyone in the gang look bad. This is mainly because they all knowingly engage with a potential criminal. Even though they know Dennis might be involved in these crimes, that doesn’t stop them from doing other illegal things.

8 The problematic DENNIS system had ongoing consequences

The DENNIS system was introduced in Season 5 of Philadelphia is always sunny, but it had lasting effects. His first appearance showed that the rest of the gang didn’t quite understand the DENNIS system, which is still a running gag on the show.

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Dennis has since continued to use this system to different effects. The system highlights how despicable Dennis is because he is problematic and rude. Dee eventually created his own version in the episode “The Gang Group Dates”. This version proves that there is a double standard between the sexes and caused the Gang to view Dee differently.

seven He has many evil plans

In a particularly despicable ploy, Dennis claims he ‘likes to be tied down’ after getting caught with rope, duct tape and other suspicious ‘tools’ in ‘The High School Reunion Part 2: The Gang’s Revenge’ . This was after he was rightfully rejected by the wife of one of his high school friends.

There are many examples of Dennis’ diabolical actions in The weather is always good, but it was the one he did not follow. However, he convinced the Gang to start a cult to stop Mac from eating his Thin Mints. He dragged Dee and Frank into his plan, which led to a fire and disgusting sandwich contents.

6 He presents his thoughts as facts

Dennis Reynolds considers himself a god. Specifically, he believes himself to be the Golden God. This belief has led him to be an overconfident man who thinks he can do anything.

Through It’s always sunny in Philadelphia, Dennis shows how many of his thoughts he believes to be facts. Dennis harbors an unrelenting belief that he has a right to women. This problematic opinion has impacted Mac and Charlie, who believe Dennis and even admire him and his connections.

5 He controls his friends and family

Dennis is often obsessed with his friends and family, as seen in “The Gang Gets Analyzed”. This episode shows Dennis’ need to be in control and to be right all the time.

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Curiously, Dennis admits to keeping files on Charlie, Mac, Frank and Dee. Dee’s file was even written in pencil, showing how young he was when his need for control began. Dennis’ controlling nature negatively affected all of the members, but Mac was arguably affected the most because Dennis frequently tries to control his friends’ weight.

4 He brings down the self-esteem of the group

Cruelly, Dennis gave Mac “waist” pills, which later turned out to be diet pills. As a result, Mac’s self-esteem took a huge hit. This eventually led to Mac only doing things with Dennis’ express consent or acknowledgment.

However, Mac isn’t the only gang member with low self-esteem because of Dennis. Dee, Frank, and Charlie have all fallen victim to Dennis’ evil machinations. Dee has thought herself unattractive because of Dennis, Frank has doubted her ability to make decisions, and Charlie feels romantically inferior to Dennis.

3 Dennis meddles in gang dealings

In “Charlie and Dee Find Love”, Charlie finally finds a suitable partner and Dennis decides he has no choice but to step in. This, in turn, negatively impacts the waitress, causing her to want to pursue a relationship. Unfortunately, Charlie then harbors false hopes for the relationship.

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However, Dennis does not stop there. Dennis frequently criticizes Dee’s choice of relationships in “The Gang Broke Dee”. These criticisms destroy her, especially when it is revealed that everything was wrong. Overall, Dennis hurts the gang even when he tries to help in his own way.

2 His manipulation deteriorates the gang inside and out

Dennis Reynolds intentionally manipulates the gang into becoming victorious, both for himself and for what he perceives as a group victory. Examples of this are found in almost every episode, but one of his worst manipulations is in “Waiting for Big Mo”.

In this episode, the Gang is involved in a game of laser tag. To win, Dennis denies Mac any form of praise so he works harder. Dennis also compliments Dee’s work ethic to anger her because she feels the praise doesn’t deserve it. He manipulates everyone so that the Gang wins the game. Even if the gang wins, Dennis’ manipulation knows no bounds.

1 Dennis’ thoughts are contagious

On several occasions, Dennis has declared himself to be the Golden God. His right is generalized throughout The weather is always good, but those ideals rubbed off on all the other members. Charlie eventually becomes as authoritative as Dennis when he tries to talk to the waitress.

Mac has also absorbed this overconfident nature and convinced himself that he and Dennis are more than friends. Frank is constantly taken advantage of after Dennis proves to others that he is an easier target in his old age, but Dee pays the price. Dee calls herself the Golden Goddess and targets men the same way Dennis manipulates women.

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