10 steps to go from burnout to badass


Burnout is a big topic in the massage industry – and in this professional field where we take care of everyone, it’s crucial that we do the same for ourselves. It’s time to stop burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

From burnout to badass

I’ll skip the part where I say how important it is to know your physical capacity and limitations and not overwork yourself in the treatment room (and eat a healthy, nutrient-dense diet and go to the gymnasium)—because these topics have all been extensively covered.

Instead, let’s focus on the mindset it takes to go from exhaustion to badass, because mindset is truly the foundation of a life and a career. blooming.

1. Being busy is not a badge of honor. Wearing 20 hats and spinning wheels is not a good way for a business owner to operate. Especially when we start, we often play all roles: owner, manager, employee, marketer, accountant, laundress and, of course, massage therapist.

Take some hats off by automating and delegating as much as possible. Whether it’s hiring a virtual assistant, planning your social media and paying a high schooler to do your laundry, or using the gig economy to have your errands and deliveries taken care of, you can delegate almost anything for cheap or even for barter.

The whole “I don’t have time” excuse is a crutch in which procrastination continues to perpetuate itself in an endless cycle. If you want something done properly and efficiently, entrust that task to someone who specializes in exactly that area. Automating a badass follow-up marketing plan will also help you avoid rushing at the last minute to stay in touch with your customers.

I also like to do a weekly or even daily brain dump and decide which tasks take priority and which can wait or be delegated or automated.

2. Form nurturing habits and rituals. One thing I’ve done recently to help my ADHD brain is have a laminated checklist of some habits I’d like to do every day, like take my supplements, meditate for 10 minutes, read a chapter of a book, do 20 jumping jacks and 20 minutes of yoga, keep a gratitude journal, and drink herbal tea or green juice.

This doesn’t mean that I will do absolutely every one of these things every day, but it helps me stay on track most of the time with visible accomplishments, which builds momentum and instills good habits.

You can track your habits using an app, a checklist, or simple sticky notes.

3. Self-care is not selfish. Self-care means being responsible for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being so that you feel more grounded and balanced. Self-care is an integral part of self-love, which is being patient, kind, gentle, and compassionate towards yourself.

All areas of your life will improve once you take the time to nurture yourself and fill your own cup. I do this by planning a few full days off to go for a long hike, get a pedicure, work out, do some art, and anything that re-energizes me and distracts me from any stress. For me, meditation and journaling have played a huge role in optimizing my mood and mental well-being.

4. Celebrate your victories. I keep a folder on my phone with reviews from my favorite customers, accomplishments I’m most proud of, heartwarming messages I get from people, pictures of cards people have sent me, favorite pictures of people I’ve met and admire, and screenshots of things I’ve been featured in.

Having this reference to looking back reminds me of when I feel down about not being so hard on myself and celebrating the little moments every day – and reminds me of how great my life is.

5. Take back your power. It’s time to stop caring about what people think of you and start setting boundaries, saying no, and taking back personal power over your own life and the direction it’s headed.

A lack of self-respect will dim the fire and light within us, leaving us feeling or resentful, exhausted, and feeling unwilling and obligated rather than feeling energized and enlightened within.

Building self-respect can be difficult if you have a habit of bending over backwards for people, sacrificing too much, and falling prey to people-pleasing. I would know: I struggle with it every day, as do most massage therapists. Setting boundaries and standards is a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly to function at its maximum capacity.

6. Make decisions that align with your values. If you make decisions from a mindset of scarcity, despair, lack, and “no other option” versus making decisions from a balanced, confident, secure, and intuitive energy , then the struggles will continue to have a domino effect in the opposite direction. Hope that.

When you make decisions aligned with your core values, it will magnetize more opportunities that bring you closer to your vision. My core values ​​are community, freedom, adventure and creativity.

If I’m stuck making a decision, then I ask myself, “Is this bringing me closer to or away from my core values ​​and life goals?” » If a decision is not a damn yes! for me, then it’s a surely not! Remember that time is the most precious commodity, and how and where you spend it directly correlates to your quality of life.

7. Know that you are not alone. Seriously. You. Are. Not. Alone. Reach out to a trusted friend or colleague, schedule yourself a session with an online therapy provider, find a support group on your social media platform of choice, or call or just text someone you know. know can provide you with resources, a shoulder to cry on, or just be a cheerleader when you need a little encouragement. Life will always go up and down, but let’s not get stuck in the stagnation of burnout.

8. Sometimes growth means reduction. I like to reassess my business and my goals every quarter. Sure, having a one- or five-year plan and goals is great, but we often forget how important it is to focus on the present moment.

For me, if something is not going well one season, I change it and readjust it. Just because you did something one way doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it the same way forever. You are allowed to change and find ways to be more efficient and stress-free.

You are allowed to downsize your office by 2,000 square feet and turn it into a mobile massage studio, by experience! If your old business model isn’t working for you: don’t fall into the “sunk cost” mentality.

9. Reassess your rates. When was the last time you increased your rates? Are you overbooked and overworked? When was the last time you reassessed your treatment menu to see which is the most cost effective and which service hasn’t been booked in months? When was the last time you took leave? When was the last time you said yes to a last minute request when you are by appointment only? Who doesn’t want to work less and earn more and only work on their ideal clients?

10. Set limits. Just because you’re a bodybuilder doesn’t mean you have to make everyone’s emergency your priority. Setting limits on your schedule, the profit you want to make, and the type of clients you want to see will have a huge effect on the type of clients that end up on your treatment table.

Fill your cup

Over the past decade of running with fumes and operating from sheer exhaustion and mental fatigue, I’ve found these tips to have a huge impact on my various stages of burnout and overcoming that dire feeling. to operate from a constant state. fight, flight, flight. I hope these tips help you fill your cup so you can keep filling other people’s cups too.

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Rebecca Brumfield, LMT, is the founder of Badass Bodyworkers. For more mindset tips and business mentoring, visit our free Badass Bodyworkers community on Facebook.

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