I can not get a loan, which is now.

My balance is clean, I pay my bills on time. The list of possible alternatives to credit is long, especially for private borrowers, ie those who need loans to support their daily lives and who do not act as entrepreneurs, but specifically in their capacity as so-called consumers. No credit for the self-employed, what now? Actually, nothing is lost, because if a bank refuses, that does not automatically mean you will not get a loan. I can not get a credit, which is now, I can not get a credit, which is now.

I have no guarantor! What now?

I have no guarantor! What now?

If it were 200 USD, I would still need a guarantor. 1 bedroom apartments are either very difficult to get or almost as expensive. Do you know any advice on how to circumvent security, or if there is an agency to help you find a solution ?????????

I would then have to claim housing allowance anyway, but the housing cooperative does not consider this as income!

No, no discount! and what are we doing now? Solutions at a glance

If the parental allowance is too high, you will not receive a club holiday. You receive this regardless of the sum of your salary and parenthood. In addition to KfW, many banks and savings banks also have a special loan for students. They can also be enrolled at a private or dual university to benefit from this type of credit.

Do not worry if it’s “No Bafög”! There is a suitable design for each task. Stay abroad and no student loan: What now? If you want to learn in a foreign country, you will not receive your own deduction. But especially in the international area many students are looking for economic help. A student loan is often the right design for this problem.

This special form of student loan enables a stay abroad. But especially on the cheap Postbank loan.

Contract signing for the lease

Contract signing for the lease

Lease signed – no credit! Hello, I do not know if I’m in the right place, I’ll try. He has also signed a purchase agreement with the previous tenant on the inventory (a not inconsiderable amount – which he / we could not raise without credit). Now it looks like he does not get the required credit from the house bank.

If there was no reservation clause in the contracts (in the sense that “…. the credit note of …” is “confirmed.”) It can be bad, hello, what means bad? be late for accusations Hello, what means bad? It is now too late for accusations Quote: What does evil mean?

My glass sphere does not know its size, because it is not nearly certain, whether it concerns a small stalls or the olympic stadium.

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